Finally off post limit, I was on it for 21 hours, world record?

I just wish I could have someone to hug and kiss me I wouldn’t even care if we weren’t going out if they just started it I’d be cool

Srsly I’ve been sitting at maccas for the past hour and have another hour till I start work fml send me messages pls I’ll give you a hug or $100 whichever you want thanks

I really need a best friend so if you know me and are up for the job just message me thanks

I love you


♛ pale, petal ♛

pale ☾inbox me to check you out

I don’t get why all my friends that I’ve ever had just decide to replace me like wtf is there something wrong with me or something bc if there is I’d love to know

2013 is shaping up to be nearly as shit as 2012.


i remember in primary school when we had to write what day and time we went to the toilet

We still have to do that and I’m in year 11…

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Hot guys are dicks
Ugly guys are dicks
Popular guys are dicks
Nerd guys are dicks
Sport guys are dicks
Academic guys are dicks
Nice guys are dicks
Mean guys are dicks
I mean srsly give us girls a break